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Genetic heritage of the Baphuthi highlights an over-ethnicized notion of ‘‘Bushman’’
This is the first published genotype from the Phuthi people from both Lesotho and South Africa.
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Old publication, which is still very valuable.


Fig. 3 Demographic model of African history and estimated divergences.
(A) Population split times, hierarchy, and population sizes (width along a horizontal axis for populations) (summary of results in figs. S6, S12, S18 to S20, and S24). Horizontal colored lines represent migration, with down-pointing triangles representing admixture into another group. The estimated age of the Florisbad skull (24) is indicated by a dashed line. Stone Age hunter-gatherers are shown by red symbols, and Iron Age farmers as green symbols. (B) Non-Africans (brown), East Africans (blue), West Africans (green), central African hunter-gatherers (light blue), northern Khoe-San (NKSP) (purple), and southern Khoe-San (SKSP) (red) are mapped according to their broad historical distribution. (C) Estimated population split times with the Gronau et al. approach (7) and the TT method described in (13). Divergence-time estimates for human versus Neandertal and non-Africans versus Africans (out-of-Africa event) are given for reference and are consistent with recent estimates (2). NKSP-SKSP split is the estimated split time between Ballito Bay A and Ju|’hoansi.
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