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IE Ethnonyms/endonyms, Etymologies, Speculations and Dna Connections
I recommend looking into the work of Giampietro Fabbri from the University of Bologna. He deals with the evolution of various IE ethnonyms and their etymologies from the PIE steppe to the historical era.
The kind of work he's done is certainly not without flaw but is bold and fascinating nonetheless. He definitely betrays an ignorance of genetics, which I think could serve to refine the scheme he has laid out. I would try to ignore the things he obviously gets wrong and salvage some of the proposed etymologies. 

He has a few papers. This is the main one dealing with IE ethno-etymologies. He has other papers about the ancient etymology of placenames in Italy, and the relationship of the Etruscans with IE peoples etc...

I'd note that he uses the term "Proto-Scythian" in a rather broad sense here
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M222...>DF105>ZZ87>S588>S7814 Toner 
To be honest even not being a linguist myself, this work intuitively feels of low quality and as Russians say - it is trying to “put an owl on a globe”.
For less exciting and more boring quality I recommend works of Leiden school and similar serious linguists.
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