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Converting from  fastq to plink
Plink is used for qpAdm or am I wrong?
23andMe: 55.5% European, 33.7% Indigenous American, 4.2% WANA, 3.4% SSA and 3.2% Unassigned
AncestryDNA: 57.27% Europe, 35.81% Indigenous Americas-Mexico, 3.46% MENA and 3.45% SSA
FamilyTreeDNA: 56.9% Europe, 33% Americas, 8.2% MENA, <2% Horn of Africa and <1% Eastern India
Living DNA: 63.3% West Iberia, 34.3% Native Americas and 2.3% Yorubaland
MyHeritage DNA: 87.4% Indigenous in Mexico and 12.6% Spanish, Catalan & Basque 

[Image: IbEDd4z.png]
(03-03-2024, 08:28 AM)Jalisciense Wrote: Plink is used for qpAdm or am I wrong?

Wrong. Plink can be used for many many things. This is the best software to process the data  , like to convert, extract, merge , have some statistics etc.. You may generate many kind of reports directly from plink.. Or you may just convert your data and use it next with other software like qpAdm. However you can't do everything with plink. One of the best advantages is you may use it both in Linux and Windows, using the same commands and scripts.

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