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Hacker leaks millions more 23andMe user records on cybercrime forum
(03-24-2024, 01:53 PM)ArmandoR1b Wrote:
(03-18-2024, 06:17 AM)Jalisciense Wrote:
(03-18-2024, 05:12 AM)Capsian20 Wrote: https://customercare.23andme.com/hc/en-u...ou-Ship-To

Yeah bro, I know 23andMe don't ship to México, but  I just found a guy who is selling 23andMe tests here and sending the samples to USA by himself.

So you found that out. How does he send them?

How about FamilyTreeDNA kits for BigY? You can order the kit so that it arrives in Mexico. It takes a long time but it makes it with DHL and they provide a tracking number. You can even order just the kit without paying for BigY ahead of time and once there is a sale then order BigY. That way you already have the kit and sample ready sent back.

I do prefer AncestryDNA for autosomal though since I have so many Mexican relatives on AncestryDNA where I can do some basic triangulation. Although the Y-DNA haplogroup of 23andme is nice to where I can see the haplogroup of my ancestors through the Y-DNA of my relatives. I can also see who else has a haplogroup similar to mine. They are old haplogroups but at least I know that much.

I'm not sure, but it seems that when he gets enough samples he takes them to the USA.

Thanks but I'm not really interested in doing BigY yet, the autosomal results and basic mtDNA/Y-DNA (Like the ones provided by 23andMe) are the top in my priority, especially for my grandparents who are already very old.

Yeah, I tested all my family in AncestryDNA and MyHeritage DNA and just my maternal grandpa and paternal grandma received just a couple of good matches, but for the rest of us it was of no use. It seems that my family almost didn't leave the country and stayed here, besides the ones living in México aren't tested yet.
23andMe: 55.5% European, 33.7% Indigenous American, 4.2% WANA, 3.4% SSA and 3.2% Unassigned
AncestryDNA: 57.27% Europe, 35.81% Indigenous Americas-Mexico, 3.46% MENA and 3.45% SSA
FamilyTreeDNA: 56.9% Europe, 33% Americas, 8.2% MENA, <2% Horn of Africa and <1% Eastern India
Living DNA: 63.3% West Iberia, 34.3% Native Americas and 2.3% Yorubaland
MyHeritage DNA: 60.8% Mesoamerican & Andean, 21% European, 14.9% MENA and 3.3% Nigerian

[1] "penalty= 0.001"
[1] "Ncycles= 1000"
[1] "distance%=2.1116"


Iberian EMA,50.2
Native American,34.6
Levantine EBA,4.6

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