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History and Heritage of Sephardic Jewish
My intention opening this thread is talking about Sephardic Jewish and all events that marked the existence of this group: the first jewish population in Sefarad, Middle Age in peninsular kingdoms of Iberia, expulsion of 1492, converted of jews phenomenon and their pervivence in Iberia that continued after Granada Decret of 1492, and sephardic migration through Europe, North Africa and Ottoman Empire. 

Maybe this thread can be also idoneous for share knowledges about sephardic genealogy. 

Feel free to expose and share.
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23andMe: 98.8% Spanish & Portuguese, 0.3% Ashkenazi Jewish, 0.9% Trace Ancestry (0.4% Coptic Egypcian, 0.3% Nigerian, 0.2% Bengali & Northeast Indian).

My Heritage: 91.5% Iberian, 3.6% Ashkenazi Jewish, 2.7% Middle East, 2.2% Irish Scottish and Welsh.

The truth doesn’t become more authentic because whole world agrees with it.RaMBaM

-M. De la Torre, converse of jew-
-D. de Castilla, converse of moor-
-M. de Navas, converse of moor-

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