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Ancestry Pro Tools
A video review of the ancestry.com pro tools.  

I bought it for 1 month to check it out ($10), but I don't see a longterm need for it.

This one was interesting.  I edited a screen shot to show where my direct ancestors were born.  

I think there ae some errors here as I don't have direct ancestors born in Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, but it still is a good snapshot of where the bulk of my ancestry was born i.e. N. Carolina, Virginia, and S. Carolina.

[Image: VOWSWsL.png]
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50% English, 15% Welsh, 15% Scot/Ulster Scot, 5% Irish, 10% German, 2% Scandi, 2% French & Dutch), 1% India
Ancient ~40% Anglo-Saxon, ~40% Briton/Insular Celt, ~15% German, 4% Other Euro
600 AD: 55% Anglo-Saxon (CNE), 45% Pre-Anglo-Saxon Briton (WBI)
“Be more concerned with seeking the truth than winning an argument” 

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