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I am reposting this.  I originally posted in a 23andMe thread about Neanderthals (Knuckle draggers), but I later felt that this post was off-topic to 23andMe.


I did not order the LivingDNA Neanderthal test, but I seem to have most of the results.
Unless this is just a sample??

Index 324, 2.04%, Most Similar Remnant (Mezmaiskaya), and Percentiles by Region
I also got one trait (hypoxia) for which I am entirely negative.

No Denisovian, although its mentioned in a solicitation.  


I also got a Viking report, which has the Index of 87% and Closest Group and a Map. There is a solicitation to buy the Viking Report but I seem to have what is offered. 87% of what?

For the Classical, I got a brief report. Greek at 41.83 accompanied by a map emphasizing Italy. There is a suggestion to buy the Classical Report.

Some features in the above reports are not completely functional.


btw, I am tested on V1 and V2. No uploads.

I get the identical reports on each Version.

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