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Native Hawaiian K36 and simulated G25
(06-08-2024, 02:24 PM)Tomenable Wrote: ^^^ These two alleged "Botocudos from Brazil" are in fact a Maori and a Moriori from New Zealand.

They look more like Tahiti:

Distance to: Brazil_Botocudo.SG__Botocudo17_noUDG.SG_1669
0.02740510 Tahiti
0.03153449 Samoan
0.03683162 Polynesia
0.04085135 Bajo
0.04301340 Tonga
0.04527510 Maori
0.04742985 Kambera_Wunga
0.04978795 Kambera_Rindi
0.05128421 Anakalangu
0.06620601 Manggarai_Rampasasa

Distance to: Brazil_Botocudo.SG__Botocudo15_noUDG.SG_1641
0.02113290 Tahiti
0.03009773 Polynesia
0.03878351 Samoan
0.04214087 Bajo
0.04288031 Tonga
0.04571345 Kambera_Wunga
0.04598536 Maori
0.04846886 Kambera_Rindi
0.05020968 Anakalangu
0.06456315 Manggarai_Rampasasa
^^^ What is "Polynesia"?
(06-08-2024, 06:43 PM)Tomenable Wrote: ^^^ What is "Polynesia"?

I don't remember. I think this average I made from ancient samples when there was no modern samples in G25 from Polynesia.

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