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My script for the Romani language
This is something I've been working on for three years and finally published on Substack at the end of January: https://szin.substack.com/p/introducing-...s-lekhipen

Quote:The Romani language (or, according to some, languages) is spoken by upwards of twelve million people worldwide. Traditionally an oral language, Romani has only been written down since the early nineteenth century, and the orthographies in use are often coloured by the native or other languages of the creators... Furthermore, some orthographies are based on the Roman alphabet while others are based on Cyrillic.
My solution is to dispense with Latin, Cyrillic and other existing alphabets altogether and create a distinctive Romani alphabet, capable of writing most, if not all, Romani dialects without the need for diacritics...


Quote:Initially, it was an abugida like the systems used for most of the Indo-Aryan languages, but I found this unwieldy to work with and changed it to an alphabet in the spring of 2021. The reason it is an alphabet is my belief that an alphabetic system would be more familiar to the vast majority of Romani- those who are literate (as illiteracy is still high, especially in Eastern Europe[1]) write in either the Latin or Cyrillic script depending on local preference.

Also, there is precedent for using alphabetic scripts to write Indo-Aryan languages such as Santali (a contact population of the Roma).

First line of UDHR in Kalderash:


What do you think?
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Romanes-lekhipen- the Romani alphabet.

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