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Ancestry composition updated: April 06, 2024
(04-27-2024, 09:41 PM)Moeca Wrote:
(04-27-2024, 07:40 PM)boiler20100203 Wrote:
(04-27-2024, 05:59 PM)Tolan Wrote: Change in my ethnic composition, but this is minor.
On the other hand, real change in the genetic groups!

Before 23andMe was content to indicate the administrative regions of France, now their groups are more diverse.
My ancestors are indeed in my two new genetic groups:

My grandma’s updated too, she got Paris Basin. Location #6 is our maternal line for generations, Centre Val de Loire. The rest of my family’s has not updated yet.

I also get Grand Est, actually Vosges, Grand East France ....................next to the region of Saarland Germany

who is from grand est of your line

from myheritage site below

Period of bottom map is year 1650
Grand Est

St. Wendel

Interesting that you get Saarland as I've wondered if they would have that as a possibility. My Great Grandfather's family, Marx, came from Saarland and had lived there for several generations. I get Grand Est, but my grandmother's family lived in Alsace so I always assumed that was where it came from.
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AncestryDNA: 36.65% England & Northwestern Europe + 27.88% Sweden & Denmark + 9.17% Norway + 1.33% Ireland + 0.82% Nigeria - East Central + 0.41% Romani + 0.15% North Africa

23&ME: 82.5% French & German + 7.0% Scandinavian + 5.7% British & Irish + 2.9% Broadly Northwestern European + 0.5% Eastern European + 0.9% Nigerian + 0.2% North African + 0.1% Siberian + 0.2% Unassigned

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