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People who are indigenous American (Fully and almost fully)
Post people results who are scoring 90-100% Indigenous American.

It doesn't matter the DNA test or if it's Gedmatch/G25.
23andMe: 55.5% European, 33.7% Indigenous American, 4.2% WANA, 3.4% SSA and 3.2% Unassigned
AncestryDNA: 57.27% Europe, 35.81% Indigenous Americas-Mexico, 3.46% MENA and 3.45% SSA
FamilyTreeDNA: 56.9% Europe, 33% Americas, 8.2% MENA, <2% Horn of Africa and <1% Eastern India
Living DNA: 63.3% West Iberia, 34.3% Native Americas and 2.3% Yorubaland
MyHeritage DNA: 60.8% Mesoamerican & Andean, 21% European, 14.9% MENA and 3.3% Nigerian

[1] "penalty= 0.001"
[1] "Ncycles= 1000"
[1] "distance%=2.1116"


Iberian EMA,50.2
Native American,34.6
Levantine EBA,4.6

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