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hg L in Medieval England
Two new ancient connections turned up on FT-DNA. Both from excavations of medieval cemeteries in Cherry Hinton, Cambridgeshire. At first I thought it was a mistake. Then excited to find that it wasn't. Then I found the downstream variant listed as L-B374 age 600 BCE. Downstream of FGC36819 (M349) which makes it old style L1b1 (I'm L1b2c) so not ancestral. but part of a family of L found in Europe. This B374 variant of L-M349 is recorded in: Switzerland (lots), Germany, Slovenia, Hungary, and Tatarstan



Again, another variant of Y-hg L1b (M317) making its way into medieval Europe. This one may have formed IN Europe by 600 BCE as there are no Asian testers within it on FTDNA Y hg L group. Only European origins.
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The artist formerly known as A Norfolk L-M20
I have been in correspondence with Prof. Mark Jobling, who lead the investigation into the medieval DNA of Cambridgeshire cemeteries. He informed me that he is currently studying data on the UK Biobank Males, and informs me that out of 193,218 samples in the self declared "white British" category that only 88 are yDNA hg L.

That makes the two English L-FGC51036 families a part of 0.05%. But that is for ALL L.

I might be waiting for some time before more ancient yDNA hg L is dug up in English cemeteries.

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The artist formerly known as A Norfolk L-M20
This great ,is seems to me this subclade maybe is come via Near East ( there cluster under Haplogroup L in Near East )
Although there some people especially from Near East they are think Haplogroup L is linked with people Indian or ancestry Indian
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Target: CapsianWGS_scaled
Distance: 1.2510% / 0.01251049
37.2 Iberomaurusian
36.8 Early_European_Farmer
12.8 Early_Levantine_Farmer
8.0 Steppe_Pastoralist
4.8 SSA
0.4 Iran_Neolithic
FTDNA : 91% North Africa +<2% Bedouin + <2  Southern-Levantinfo + <1 Sephardic Jewish + 3% Malta +  3%  Iberian Peninsula
23andME :  100% North Africa

WGS ( Y-DNA and mtDNA)
Y-DNA: E-A30032< A30480 ~1610 CE
mtDNA: V25b 800CE ? ( age mtDNA not accurate )

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