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The Hittites - Docu-Drama

Been enjoying this video this evening.

A sweeping epic two-hour docu-drama on the Hittites, a major empire and civilization that ruled between 1650 and 1200 BC and forever changed the landscape of the ancient Near East and modern Western civilization.

Shot in 35 locations in Turkey, Syria and Egypt, with photography in historical sites and museums of Turkey, Syria, and Egypt plus on-location interviews with world renowned scholars, The Hittites traces the history of these people, while presenting a political and cultural picture of the Near East and Anatolia. Through the use of digital technology and dramatic reenactments, key moments in Hittite history come alive and the audience journeys back in time to experience what it meant to be a 

Hittite 3500 years ago. 
  • Director: Tolga Örnek
  • Writer: Tolga Örnek
  • Producer: Tolga Örnek 
  • Music: Tamer Çıray
  • Narrator: Jeremy Irons
  • Cast: Haluk Bilginer, Burak Sergen, Fikret Kuşkan, Sanem Çelik, Cüneyt Türel, Hüseyin Köroğlu, Yeşim Alıç.
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