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Coming Soon: Y-DNA Haplogroups for Family Finder
(05-25-2024, 05:32 PM)Dewsloth Wrote:
(05-25-2024, 03:22 PM)Mitchell-Atkins Wrote: Luxembourg reaches 100 total samples,
19 U106
16 U152
10 Hg J
9 DF27
8 Hg E
7 Hg I
5 R1a
5 DF19
5 Hg G
3 L21
2 PF7589
1 S1194

5% DF19 :eek:  Might be tops for countries over 100 results. Smile

Good news:  All 5 are in the Block Tree.
Bad news:  Not one is in the DF19 group.

Block Tree Breakdown:  
3 DF88 (only 2 show in Discover)
1 Z302
1 Unknown -- there is a known, identified third DF19 branch, R-FTB38073, but he is not there in the Block Tree, and all 9 known FTB38073 to date are UK/Irish, maybe back to BA or maybe newer.
Discover has 4 from Luxembourg (2 DF88, 1 Z302, one unknown) and also 4 branches below DF19 (one branch is still an un-named singleton).
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R1b>M269>L23>L51>L11>P312>DF19>DF88>FGC11833 >S4281>S4268>Z17112>FT354149

Ancestors: Francis Cooke (M223/I2a2a) b1583; Hester Mahieu (Cooke) (J1c2 mtDNA) b.1584; Richard Warren (E-M35) b1578; Elizabeth Walker (Warren) (H1j mtDNA) b1583; John Mead (I2a1/P37.2) b1634; Rev. Joseph Hull (I1, L1301+ L1302-) b1595; Benjamin Harrington (M223/I2a2a-Y5729) b1618; Joshua Griffith (L21>DF13) b1593; John Wing (U106) b1584; Thomas Gunn (DF19) b1605; Hermann Wilhelm (DF19) b1635
I have no idea if this is significant or not since the genealogical data are lacking. My paternal grandmother's maiden surname was Pierce. A 22 cM male Pierce match of mine - again I don't know if the connection is on my paternal grandmother's Pierce line or not - just got an R-U106 result via Family Finder. Could be something, might be nothing. I hesitated to even mention it, but then I figured what the heck?

This is the kind of stuff I'm looking for though. I don't really care about the overall total haplogroup stats.
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Let us now praise famous men, and our fathers that begat us.

- Wisdom of Sirach 44:1
R-U106 is the second largest branch of R-M269. A slight narrowing.

Out of the entire FTDNA database, R-U106 is about 10%. So you could say that a U106 identification rules out 90% of males.

If you really want to look at this a bit harder, FTDNA is testing plenty of SNPs downstream of U106. The fact that your match did not test positive for one of those implies that he is likely on a branch that was not tested. Probably a small branch off U106.

btw, U106 is also known as M405 or S21

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