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16 personalities
My results:
[Image: 1Lli8nb.png]
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Ancestry: Ireland (Paper trail = 81.25% Roscommon, 12.5% Galway, 6.25% Mayo)
Y-DNA (P) ancestor: Kelly b. c1830 in Co. Roscommon (Uí Maine)
mtDNA (P) ancestor: Fleming b. c1831 in Co. Roscommon 
mtDNA (M) ancestor: McDermott b. c1814 in Co. Roscommon
mtDNA Great grandfather: Connella b. c1798 in Co. Roscommon (T2a1a8)
Y-DNA 2x great grandfather: Higgins b. c1816 in Co. Roscommon (R-DF109)
Y-DNA 3x great grandfather: Fleming b. c1829 in Co. Roscommon (R-Z23534)
My personality according DNAgenis is SOCAN = ESFJ-A
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Target: CapsianWGS_scaled
Distance: 1.2510% / 0.01251049
37.2 Iberomaurusian
36.8 Early_European_Farmer
12.8 Early_Levantine_Farmer
8.0 Steppe_Pastoralist
4.8 SSA
0.4 Iran_Neolithic
FTDNA : 91% North Africa +<2% Bedouin + <2  Southern-Levantinfo + <1 Sephardic Jewish + 3% Malta +  3%  Iberian Peninsula
23andME :  100% North Africa

WGS ( Y-DNA and mtDNA)
Y-DNA: E-A30032< A30480 ~1610 CE
mtDNA: V25b 800CE ? ( age mtDNA not accurate )

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