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What do you got in Y-DNA and mtDNA in 23andME ?
I just got , T for my Ydna and H for my MtDna ......completely useless

I got more out of Natgeno whose snp for me was ahead of any other company for nearly 3 years

I had to do FtDna BigY as 23andme and ancestry are ridiculous
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Maternal side yDna branch is   R1b - S8172
Paternal Grandfather mother's line is    I1- Z131 - A9804

Veneto 75.8%, Austria 5%, Saarland 3.4%, Friuli 3.2%, Trentino 2.6%, Donau Schwaben 1%, Marche 0.8%

BC Ancient Sites I am connected to, Wels Austria, Sipar Istria and Gissa Dalmatia

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