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Battles Your Ancestors Fought In
American Revolution, War of 1812, American Civil War (my 3rd Great Grandmother's brothers served with the 5th colored regiment out of Ohio and my paternal Great Grandfather's great uncles served out of Illinois though I can't recall which regiment they were with), World War I and World War II.
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AncestryDNA: 36.65% England & Northwestern Europe + 27.88% Sweden & Denmark + 9.17% Norway + 1.33% Ireland + 0.82% Nigeria - East Central + 0.41% Romani + 0.15% North Africa

23&ME: 82.5% French & German + 7.0% Scandinavian + 5.7% British & Irish + 2.9% Broadly Northwestern European + 0.5% Eastern European + 0.9% Nigerian + 0.2% North African + 0.1% Siberian + 0.2% Unassigned
This morning MyHeritage just emailed me this Australian paper's account of my 9th Great-grandfather's efforts during the Civil War ... no not that Civil War:
Apologies for OCR typos.

Thomas Swift 1595–1658 - He is also the grandfather of the Anglo-Irish satirist Jonathan Swift (my first cousin, 9xRemoved)
BIRTH MAR 1595 • Canterbury, Kent, England
DEATH 2 MAY 1658 • Goodrich, Herefordshire, England

Geelong Advertiser - Feb 9 1925
  Geelong, Victoria, Australia
Mr. and Miss Swift MacNeill , who are lineal descendants of the Rey .
Thomas Swift , Vicar of Goodrich , Herefordshire . have presented to SL .
Patrick's Cathedral , Dublin , in memory of the late Dean of that Cathedral
, the Very Rev. C. T. Ovenden .D.D. , a replica of the chalice known as the Swift Chalice . is beautifully belonged given by his Dean Swift ,
of Goodrich .
This Chalice , which chased and engraved Thomas Swift , and was grandson , the illustrious
in 1725. to the Church The inscription placed on it by Dear Swift , which is in Latin and was revised
by Tickell and Addison , may be translated as follows : tu
" Thomas Swift . Rector of this Church memorable in history , for which he did
and suffered for Charles I. , administer . ed from this chalice ( the Holy Communion
) to the sick . Jonathan Swift . D.D. , Dean of St. Patrick's Cathedral ,
Duhlin , grandson of Thomas Swift , his father's father , gives the chalice 10 )
the Church for ever , 1725. "
Dean Swift at the same time erected a plain monument to his grandfather ,
who is buried under the altar at Goodrich . The monument and the chalice
were the subject of Popc's pleasantry on the restoration to England of the
chalice which Dean Swift had taken to Ireland . Pope's lines are endorsed
in Swift's hand : Model of a monuInent for uy grandfather with Mr
Pope's roguery " :
Jonathan Swift
Had the gift
By fatheridge . motheridge ,
And by brotheridge To come from Gutheridge ( Goodrich
) . But now is spoil'd clean
Aud an Irish Dean
In this Church he has put
A stone of two foot .
With a cup and a can . Sir ,
In respect of his grandsire
So Ireland change thy tone
And cry Ohone ! Ohone !
For England hath its own .
These lines , originally
penned by Pope , are traced over in ink .
The reference to England " haring its own " in the matter of the Chalice and Ireland's lamentation that such should
be the case is evidently suggested by Swift's recent triumph in the preceding year against Wood's halfpennies by
bis Drapier's Letters . " written in Dean Swift has recorded in his " Fragment of Autobiography " the exploits
and sufferings of his grandfather , the Vicar of Goodrich , in the War and his zeal and activity in the
cause of Charles I. The original manuscript in his own hand is preserved among its chiefest treasures in the library
of Trinity College , Dublin . Here are a fow extracts : -- Civil
This Thomas ( Swift ) was much dislinguished by his courage , as well as his loyalty to King Charles the First .
and the sufferings he underwent for that prince , more than any person of his condition in England . Some historians
of these times relate several articulars of what he acted , and what hardships he underwent for the person
and cause of that martyred prince . He was plundered by the Roundheads sis
and thirty , some say above fifty , times . He engaged imortgaged ) his
small estate and having quilted all th :money he could get in his waistcoat, got off to a town held for the King :
where , being asked by the Governor who knew him well . what he would do for his Majestr . Mr. Swift said he
would give the King his coat , and stripping it off . presented it to the
Governor ; who observing it to be worth little , Mr. Swift said , " then take my
waistcoat . " and bid the Governor weigh it in his hand : who , ordering it
to be maripped , found it lined with three hundred broad pieces of gold
which it prored a seasonable relief . must be allowed an extraordinary supply
from a private clergyman of a small estate , so often plundered , and
soon after turned out of his livings in the Church . 
At another time , being informed that three hundred horse of the rebel party intended in a week to
pass over a certain river , upon an attempt against the Cavaliers . Mr Swift
having a head mechanically turned he contrived certain pieces of iron with
three spikes whereof one mast always he with the point upward : he placed
them over night in the ford , where he received notice that the rebels would
pass cariy the next morning . which ther accordingly did . and lost two hun .
dred of their men . who were drownel nr trod to death by the falling of their
horses , or torn hr the spikes .
Mr. ThomasSwift died May 2nd . 1658 , and in the sixtr - third rear of
his age . His body lies under the altar at Goodrich . with a short inscription
, He died before the return of King Charles the Second . who by the
recommendation of seme prelates had promise . if ever God should restore
him . that he would promote Mr Swift in the church and otherwars reward
his family , for his extraordinary r rices . seal , and perseention in the
OTAL CAUSS . But Mr. Swift's meritdied with himself .
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R1b>M269>L23>L51>L11>P312>DF19>DF88>FGC11833 >S4281>S4268>Z17112>FT354149

Ancestors: Francis Cooke (M223/I2a2a) b1583; Hester Mahieu (Cooke) (J1c2 mtDNA) b.1584; Richard Warren (E-M35) b1578; Elizabeth Walker (Warren) (H1j mtDNA) b1583; John Mead (I2a1/P37.2) b1634; Rev. Joseph Hull (I1, L1301+ L1302-) b1595; Benjamin Harrington (M223/I2a2a-Y5729) b1618; Joshua Griffith (L21>DF13) b1593; John Wing (U106) b1584; Thomas Gunn (DF19) b1605; Hermann Wilhelm (DF19) b1635

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