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Hacker leaks millions more 23andMe user records on cybercrime forum
(10-22-2023, 12:16 PM)23abc Wrote:
(10-22-2023, 12:04 PM)Capsian20 Wrote: so what is next , deactivated active account in 23andME after sunday ?

I will definitely not delete my account. He already has our data, and based on screenshots I've read from another forum, our data was supposedly already sold over 2 months ago to someone in China and someone in Iran. So if Golem is the same person who was selling our data in August, he has already sold it before.

And if Golem is not the same seller as in August, then 23andMe has let multiple attackers gather the same data. Especially troubling if Golem did his attack after the August leak, because it would mean that even when they knew of a massive breach, they ignored it and did not even try to fix the website.

Agreed. First the data is gone, second the usefulness of the stolen data is debatable and third I think the individual might be an impostor. If you want to blackmail somebody, you always exaggerate your ability and the potential damage.

On the other hand, if 23andMe didn't even react after the security issues were brought to them, its a big disappointment.
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